Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out of Comfort Zone & Light and Dark

I, unfortunately, had to combine two of the prompts (#7 and #22) for this submission. I've had this image in my head for the last few weeks and although I don't have a story for it, I think it would be fun to animate in the future. That being said, it involves a lot of elements I tend to struggle with - backgrounds, shading, colour theory and painting. All were out of my comfort zone but it was worth the struggle. As you can see, the image above is a crow flying through a very dark, very purple, forest while carrying a lantern. The light from the lantern ripples across all the trees, dirt and other forest elements.

Sheryl Vedamani


  1. Dear Sarah Hughes
    Can make a Disneyfying anime ones more since you haven't done in gallery in 7 Months ago. And list to Disneyfying Anime into Disney art are, Cardcaptor Sakura and .hack//SIGN and Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club and All Pretty Cure Characters and Shugo Chara and Fruits Basket and Pichi Pichi Pitch and another style to draw like X-Men: Evolution are the list is the same as now! After that, the Deviant Art user called spiceprincess made similar thing "TV Shows Abbified" is about to draw major Disney and Nick tv show casts in the Disney style as well. And can you ask spiceprincess to get a e-mail address for her as well. Sincerely Chad Edwards

  2. Hi Chad. Thanks for writing. If another user is doing stuff in Disney style, that's awesome! I don't have a claim to the style or Disney or the characters I drew, except the drawings themselves. I'm not sure what you are asking, do you want an email address for this other user? Perhaps you could message her yourself. I've very glad you like my drawings, I'm just not on deviantart much anymore these days. Thank you!


    (sorry, Sheryl, this is on your post XD)

    1. Hey scaragh, I post a gmail E-Mail for you. And I love the Disneyfied series as well. And I love Sheryl Vedamani's art in general. And you're not on Deviant Art in gallery section. Good job! Sincerely Chad Edwards

    2. lol Aw thanks, Chad.
      And no worries, Sarah. If it hadn't been for Ayla, I never would have even noticed there were comments :P

    3. Hey Sarah, Can you Disneyfied .hack//SIGN with the list of the characters are Sora, Crim, BT, Subaru, Tsukasa, Mimiru, Helba, and Bear and draw second art style is X-Men: Evolution. Just like Niico Robin from One Piece. You should draw .hack//SIGN in two diffrent styles. The Disney style and X-Men: Evolution. I hope you like it. Sincerely Chad

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