Friday, March 11, 2011

Something Nostalgic.

I bet people were expecting me to draw sonic. I HAVE BETRAYED YOU. I got into Evangelion when I was 12 or so. Rei was my favourite. Whenever I see this show around, I always get reminded of those days. The last year in elementary school... Hah. And all the fun I had with my blonde long-haired friend who loved Asuka. We used to dub the episodes with our own voices, but we sounded retarded on purpose and made noises. YEEEE. Anyway, Rei doesn't go crazy with her arm cut off spraying blood everywhere in the Anime or Manga. (To my knowledge.) I just drew it like that because... I dunno. Lulz?

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  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I know, Evngelion is kind of a milestone in the difficult path of a teenage otaku. Once you go Eva you emmm never go back? XD After that come LolCats, Photoshop brushes and culminates in months of torture at an animation/art/design school. Yaaaay XD. Mmmm, gotta love those creepy duck Photoshop7 brushes!